Investing in Student Accommodation


I believe the children are the future… was once heard from Whitney Houston’s mouth. Well, she’s right – children are shaping the future of our country and in order to succeed, they need to attend university and obtain prestigious degrees. However, when leaving home for the first time, many of these students are eager to get as far away from their parents as possible, to obtain that much sought-after freedom. This means, they would need accommodation at the university. Investing in student accommodation is not as well known to the public, but it is actually one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available. The quality of student “digs” has drastically increased over the last decade and the increase in tuition fees has helped see students living in rather nice en-suite bedrooms.


Why investing in student accommodation is so lucrative

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the world of student accommodation is changing. Gone are the days where students just take the smallest rooms in halls and accept what they are given. Now, the trend is to go for great little studio apartments situated in big apartment blocks in the middle of the city centre – right amidst all the bars and restaurants! And who would blame them? It is a great spot to be for a young student.

This means students are willing to pay a little bit more in order to have better living conditions and a much more active social life. This is why taking advantage of this time and investing in student accommodation is a great idea.


How to pick the right students

The best thing about investing in student accommodation is that there will be someone to do all the work for you when it comes to marketing and letting out the apartment. Since you are renting out a studio in a student neighbourhood and a student block, right next to a university, you should also have absolutely no problem getting a tenant in.

Regarding picking the right tenant, they are all going to be in the same boat, so there isn’t much distinguishing between them. Most of them will have parents as guarantors and the rent will be lower than that of a house, so it should be more manageable for them with their student loan.


What does Henley Consultants have to offer?

We have a whole range of student accommodation investments available, which can be viewed here. However, an extremely popular choice right now is the Sky Building in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. The reason why this property is so hot is that it is right in the middle of three different universities! This means that you will have triple the chances of getting the apartment filled by a student! In addition to this, there is an undersupply of student accommodation in the area, so your investment will a wanted commodity.

There is also a University Hospital nearby, with trainee doctors and nurses and qualified hospital staff looking for short-term accommodation. Sky Building has options of one-bedroom apartments for those who are more established and perhaps wants enough space for family to visit. Doctors are always moving jobs and looking for short-term accommodation and your one-bedroom apartment could be the answer to their needs!

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