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Why Student Property In Liverpool?

Stundet property investments in Liverpool are is among the best performing asset class for investors in the UK. For almost 2 decades Liverpool has attracted an increasing number of investors, specicifically interested in student property. It started with the growing success of the University of Liverpool and with further city wide investments other Universities such as John Moore’s also found themselves in a position of growth thanks to Millions of pounds being pumped into the entire education sector. The Universities now all have a far more modern feel to them and the standards are very high, this is attracting students from all over the world as well as throughout the Country.

Originally much of the openings for student property investment was thanks to rows of derelict homes in the Toxteth and Smithdown areas of Liverpool which was a result of years of economic gloom and the famous Toxteth riots. With 100s of empty terrace homes and a growing number of students it was easy for investors to buy up property by the bag load as houses were going practically for nothing. You may ave heard of the £1 house scheme in Liverpool which was given to families that could not afford homes but could purchase them for just a £1. This however was no good for investors as the rules would only allow residential buyers planning to live in them to purchase. There are far more reasons students are being drawn away from houses and into apartments, one major reason bing that the houses are much further away from the Universities and nightlife, requiring public transport to get around.

These terrace homes for student are notoriously bad for living conditions, with rats, mould and even one story of wild mushrooms growing in a student shower. There is now a crying out demand for high quality, clean purpose built student accommodation, especially from International Students, who on average are willing to pay far more for decent accommodation. Thanks to these series of events purpose built apartments are now pushing out all other types of student properties, with more and more popping up around the city close to the Universities.

Featured Student Property Investments in Liverpool

Camden House

Type of Property : Student

Assured minimum rental yield of 9% for 3 years

Price from: £49,950

Penny Lane

Type of Property: Student

3 year rental assurance 8% net yield

Price from: £44,950

Fox Street

Type of Property: Student

2-year rental assurance 10% paid quarterly

Price from: £45,000

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University Of Liverpool

This University is the most established of the Liverpool Institutes of education in the city. With around 20,000 students it is only the second largest in terms of students, but only recently sit use to be the largest. It has a number of titles, such as being part of both the Russell Group and the first Red Brick University, both are groups of pretigous Universities and Liverpool is one of just a couple that has made it into both. It ranks in the top Universities world wide and some years has ranked number one for certain schools, such as having the worlds number 1 Dentistry schools, along as being in the top ten globally for subjects such as Architecture and Veterinary Studies. With its high standards it is attracts more International students than any other University in Liverpool.

Even though it does not have the number of students as John Moore’s its campus does dominate the city as it is not spread out like the other Universities, and spreads from the Royal University hospital all the way through to the Georgian Quater, making the campus absolutely huge, and creating a separate student city within the city itself.

Current accommodation supplied but the University is largely for Fresher in the first year of their studies only and is located about a 15 minute bus ride away near Sefton park. It has started to build onsite accommodation, but this will only replace what they have available to freshers (first ear students), as they simply cannot house everyone. It is this gap for non-fresher students that has helped drive the demand for purpose built accommodation in the area.

A few other points about Liverpool University which make it stand out on a global stage is, one it has its own heating power-plant, thanks to its technology departments. Secondly it has the world largest suspended swimming Pool.

John Moore’s University

John Moore’s has only recently over taken University of Liverpool for most students, now with almost 24,000 students spread across a number of inner city buildings, some of which also reside virtually inside the Campus of the other major Uni. The University has a more vocational range of courses, and attracts far more UK students. It has a fierce rivalry with its neighbour.

The John Moore’s name was only formed in 1992, making the establishment relatively very young, but for it to have grown in such size overtaking its closest rival is a huge testament, not only to the University but also to the cities hunger to host more students. A great fact about John Moore’s, its chancellor is Dr May, as in Dr Brian May of the rock band Queen, the cities musical links are truly inspiring, perhaps it is this level of creativity that has made its Universities so successful.

The main campus is located directly next to the Metropolitan cathedral, which is squished between the 2 major Universities and their main campuses. It is often hard to establish one from the other, but the students are well aware which uni is which, as the healthy rivalry drives both to succeed new heights of excellence in both sports and academia.

If The University of Liverpool’s lack of accommodation was bad then John Moore’s is fatal, as with more students but less purpose built accommodation it has to look towards private companies to house its student populous. It does not have the same level of infrastructure, maybe due partly to its age, but whatever the reason this only makes the Gap in the market (already made big by Liverpool’s Universities lack of accommodation ) into a chasm. Occupancy rates are 98% or higher, the 2% being older property and mainly far away houses that are falling apart, many of which have been condemned by local authorities,it is to the point where emergency accommodation have been set up in halls, where students are forced to sleep side by side in rooms of 20 or more residents, until accommodation is available.

John moore's university liverpool
John moore's university liverpool
John moore's university liverpool

Liverpool Hope University

Relatives small in comparison to the other Universities, but it still easily equates for 10% of the Liverpool’s student property demand, and considering the size of the market this is no small amount, and no true businesses minded individual will ignore this. With around 7000 students it struggles even more with infrastructure when trying to accommodate its students. Although it does not have the same reputation as the big two, it was voted as top University in the entire North West for student satisfaction, when you consider Universities nearby this is truly impressive, being its two larger neighbours as well as Manchester Universities which house even more than Liverpool.

It does have a few of its own purpose built accommodation, but these are agin very small and cannot accommodate anywhere near 7000, of this 7000 students it can only accomodate an absolute maximum of 1200. However given the fact that they also fail to accommodate students near to the actual teaching facilities and they are not of the same standard, the private supply gets the lion share, as is the case with all Liverpool Universities.

The level of University development in the area is staggering, Liverpool Hope is part of this trend as it is currently creating new facilities along with its neighbours. In 2016 it introduced new sate of the art labs and sports grounds. All these extra developments are a further indication that the areas students growth is a positive one.

liverpool hope university
liverpool hope university
liverpool hope university


With the sheer size of demand the combination of all the Universities Liverpool put on the student accommodation market makes Liverpool a no brainer in these kind of investments.