Turnkey Property Investments

Turnkey properties offer a full solution and instant income for investors. The meaning of turnkey is simply a ready built property that is fully tenanted and simply needs the investor to purchase the property as they can then sit back and enjoy the ride. The properties are fully managed and require no work on behalf of the investor once purchase is complete. They are an alternative solution to off-plan investments as many investors just prefer to buy property which is making money right now.

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Please note we no longer offer turn-key property, please enquire for other investment types.

Current Turnkey Properties

Hasting Street

turnkey property investment hasting street

Type of Property: Residential

Rent: £440pm

Gross Yield: 10% +

Price: £48,000

Dalton Avenue

turnkey property investment Dalton Avenue

Type of Property: Residential

Rent: £120pw

Gross Yield: 9

Price: £68,000

Victoria Terrace

turnkey property investment Victoria Terrace

Type of Property: 2 Flats

Rent: £850pm

Gross Yield: 8.1% 

Price: £124,950

Buckingham Road

turnkey property investment Buckingham Road

Type of Property: Residential

Rent: £500pm

Gross Yield: 6.6

Price: £90,000

Vine Street

turnkey property investment Vine Street

Type of Property: Residential

Rent: £425pm

Gross Yield: 7.8% 

Price: £65,000

Cannon Street

turnkey property investment Cannon Street

Type of Property: Residential

Rent: £440pm

Gross Yield: 11% 

Price: £48,000

Our turnkey properties come in on a weekly basis and sell even faster. If your interested in receiving information about any of the properties above or as we receive them then please fill out the brochure form and we will send you all opportunities.

They sell fast to all our serious investors so you must be on our radar to get the best deals with the highest rental yields!

Best Location for turnkey properties

Our focus is Primarily on the UK’s Northern Powerhouse, this is mostly due to the fact that more people look to rent instead of purchasing their own homes in the northern cities such as Newcastle and Sunderland. This Opportunity allows Serious investors to buy up property in bulk and create multiple streams of income. These properties are not always as pretty and dressed up as off-plan modern flats but do hold their own value as property prices generally rise in all locations, especially in the UK.

turnkey property northen powerhouse

Why Turnkey Property with Henley Consultants?

Unlike most other competitors we offer traditional off-plan property, which usually consists of modern luxury apartments, fully managed and fully furnished. As they are off-plan you get below market value. With Turn-key solutions the price will often be closer to market value, however this is not taking into consideration things like stamp duty. With our advertised prices everything is included, so you purchase not just the property but also full management, maintenance and we take care of the stamp duty, which alone is a considerable amount of money. One huge benefit it has over off-plan investment is that these are fully mortgageable properties as it is no different to buying a house, this opens the door for investors without huge cash reserves to get in on the property market.

Due to high demand on these properties clients looking to purchase several properties at once will more often than not get priority over new stock. While we are hoping to get enough property for everyone to buy, it is not always the case and the fastest movers are always the ones to win the properties. We have only been dealing in these properties for a short while and already it is clear that they offer investors exactly what they are looking for.

Invest with a Mortgage

Investing with a mortgage is an option which is not offered with off-plan investments, therefore practically all our competitors do not offer this solution. The process is identical with buying a home for yourself., except we will find the best mortgage for you. We do this by having you fill out a form, we then get our highly experienced broker to find the best mortgage on your behalf, so even this part of the investment is done for you. All you have to do is say yes.

As long as you have good credit and a deposit then you do not need vast cash to start your investment. The mortgage rate will depend on your own financial situation.

turnkey property mortgage 1turnkey property mortgage 2

turnkey property cash investment

Cash Investment

If you do have the money standing by then cash payments are always better in the long run. Most cash buyers will normally opt for one of our off plan developments as discount is naturally part of the off-plan investment.

There will always be investors who want to invest in something that is already built and fully tenanted to start making income immediately. If you are one of these then the process is just as easy and our consultants will take you through it step by step.

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